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SOTG/RV/CS/FR/ER LTN traffic review

The South Chiswick LTN traffic review (which includes amongst other measures the Thames Road 'access only', the northbound closure of Hartington Road to non-residents and closure of the exit onto the A4 via Harvard Hill) is due to be published in July. That means that LBH Traffic is collecting and correlating data now in order to go to print with its conclusions based on residents’ feedback so far received. As residents, we have a final opportunity to express opposition to these traffic measures that are to the detriment of everyone in the SOTG/CS/RV/FR/ER (Elmwood Road) CPZs where no common traffic measures exist.


SoGA has proposed an amalgamation of the four CPZs plus ER into one zone benefitting from common traffic measures:

CS/FR/ER want to be able to access and exit through Thames Road via Kew Bridge;

SOTG wants to be able to enter from the A316 via Hartington Road; and

FR/RV/ER want access and egress via Harvard Hill.


This can be achieved by having APNR controlled cameras at the access points to the four CPZ zones and ER. Regardless of whether you agree with an amalgamation or just object to the arbitrary and disjointed traffic restrictions imposed over the area, now is probably the last opportunity to express your objections to the South Chiswick LTN traffic measures. To do that residents must register the objections by email to The more vociferous the response the more likelihood of our being heard. 

SOTG/RV/CS/FR area traffic measures

There is considerable discussion being expressed locally about the disparity of traffic measures in the area comprising SOTG/RV/CS/FR and of residents receiving PCNs when passing through Hartington Road.


SOTG is one of four CPZ within an area roughly bounded by Sutton Court Road, the A4, the river and the A316. The other three CPZ are CS Chiswick Station (which includes Hartington Road), RV Riverview and FR Fauconberg. Whilst being virtually a self-contained area none of the four have a common traffic policy under LBH's current Traffic Measures:

SOTG cannot use Hartington Road northbound; CS cannot use Thames Road to go to or come from Kew Bridge; RV being between cameras can use both Hartington and Thames Road; and FR can use neither.

None of the four CPZ can exit onto the A4 via Harvard Hill as it is closed off to outgoing traffic.

NOTE: Elmwood Road is historically in the GP zone but would be included under this scheme or if LBH can be persuaded to redesignate Elmwood Road into the FR CPZ.


SoGA proposes an amalgamation of this area into one benefitting from the same traffic measures and controlled by timed ANPR cameras (red dots) as per the map. With time controlled cameras linked to ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) at the following points: Kew Bridge / Hartington Road / Sutton Court Railway Bridge / Fauconberg Road / Elmwood Road and Harvard Hill, the area becomes one whilst retaining their separate CPZ designations but benefitting from common traffic measures whilst remaining open to visitors, deliveries, taxis and shoppers but closed to rat running and the 'access only' along Strand on the Green and Thames Road would become redundant.

SoGA has put this scheme to LBH Traffic and subsequently discussed it in greater detail on a Zoom meeting. As the existing traffic measures are new to the area, LBH Traffic require time to assess both their impact locally and the overall effect caused from displaced rat running traffic. COVID has had implications on the timing of both the introduction of the traffic measures and the Thames Road cameras and consequently the subsequent review which will now not be before June/July and perhaps later.

Since first publishing this proposal a secondary scheme has been proposed whereby all GP would be included. This would mean one common traffic zone stretching from Hogarth Roundabout to the river bounded by the A4 to the north and the A316 to the south controlled by cameras and APNR. This is a more ambitious scheme but would provide equanimity throughout the area and should be achievable riding off the camera network being installed for the ULEZ. It will be up to residents to make their feelings known to LBH Traffic as and when their review on the current disparate and disjointed traffic measures is published. 

SoGA will keep you updated on developments.