SoGA Committee

Richard Griffith (Chairman) is a long term Chiswick resident and company director.


Ann Collins (environment) has lived in Grove Park/Strand on the Green for 20 years. She loves gardening and enjoys the changing moods of the river. 

Lucy Cufflin (Social Secretary) has spent many years in the French Alps working as a chef and running her own ski company. She has lived in Chiswick since the late 90s working for Skiworld and has recently moved to Strand on the Green. She is co-founder of the Chiswick Cheese Market.

John Giles (Treasurer) is a retired chartered accountant. He lived in Grove Park for over 30 years before moving to Strand on the Green in 2015.

Chris Hodgkinson (Membership Secretary) moved to the area in 2011 after 29 years in Brook Green where he had served on the equivalent residents’ association. 


Alan McBride (website/social media/Signals editor (2015-March 2019, May 2021-present)) moved to Strand on the Green in 2011. He is a lawyer at a pharmaceutical company. 


Eve Scott (Secretary) has lived on the Strand since 1972.


Adam Whalley (planning and development) is a Local Government Officer. He has lived in Strand on the Green since 2016.