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1. Chair’s report for 2022 (Ann Collins) People I took over from Richard as Chair in July. Once again, a big thanks to him for all he has done for Strand on the Green, and I remain thankful that he is continuing to lead the charge on traffic. After many years, Eve Scott resigned as Honorary Secretary. In December, we welcomed Lesley Day to the Committee as Honorary Secretary. This year has been busy for the SoGA Committee. My heartfelt thanks go to our Committee members for their support and hard work. Engagement with London Borough of Hounslow The Hartington Rd and Staveley Road permit schemes were amalgamated and residents of the Strand on the Green Controlled Parking Zone can now access them. Here is the link to LBH website although I am aware that some people have experienced operational difficulties with this form. We are thankful that this change has been implemented after 2 years of campaigning by SoGA (led by Richard) and other local residents' associations including the Grove Park Group. Whilst it will make life so much easier for some residents of our wider neighbourhood, more needs to be done. We and the other residents' associations are continuing to engage with LBH, including Cllr Rajawat, on this. We still believe our perimeter scheme (or the nodal scheme as used in South Fulham) is best for Chiswick. We are meanwhile seeking a fundamental review, with focus on: improved visitor access; a review of speeding; a review of signage review and simplification of the scheme as a whole; action to address traffic divergence, as internal traffic flows have been changed with measures such as the barrier on Staveley Road, creating winners and losers within the neighbourhood. In July, Richard and I met with Cllr Shantanu Rajawat, the new leader of the Council. It was a positive meeting and, we hope, a good foundation for future engagement. We briefed him on Strand on the Green conservation area, and our diverse community; he knows the area well, and enjoys our riverside pubs. Specific issues we raised included the LTN, concerns about drugs and alcohol, and litter, in the green spaces by the river, maintenance of the path and bank, and the Rec. Cllr Rajawat noted these, and said that LBH is planning more enforcement and patrols to combat the issue of drugs. We also asked about LBH plans for low carbon neighbourhoods, and I hope by now you will have taken the chance to express your views on electric vehicle charging strategy. Jubilee Arch After 9 years of perseverance and lobbying, the Strand on the Green Association Platinum Jubilee Arch was opened by Deputy Leader of Hounslow Council, Councillor Katherine Dunne on 21 July. This provides a step-free access under Kew Bridge was opened in July, improving the experience of all visitors to the area, and especially those with push chairs and with mobility challenges. It is part of a wider ambition to create a step free pathway along the Thames. Community In June we had our celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Our aim was to make the event inclusive of the whole, wider community and free of charge. We are grateful to many people and organisations who helped make this happen. We benefitted from a London Borough of Hounslow Thriving Communities Fund grant. Local businesses and individuals donated raffle prizes. River Homes supported our publicity. Fullers Smith & Turner let us display our competition entries in their windows, and Dame Eileen Atkins kindly announced the winners. We also raised £1,457 for our charities, RNLI and Hounslow Community FoodBox, against which The Steam Packet managed to secure matching funds from their head office. It happened thanks to around 50 volunteers, who between us delivered over 2,000 leaflets, organized our 10 stalls, and kept the road closure safe. Happily, the forecast heavy rain did not materialize, our event was well attended, and a fabulous time was had by all. Chiswick school opened the music, with the national anthem from the steel band, we had a display of Morris dancing from the Northfields Morris Dancers, and we closed with an inter-pub rowing race with each pub represented by a team from Team Keene. In December we organized an evening of Christmas music together with the City Barge. Singing was led by Chiswick School, who also gave splendid performances. Turnout was high, and a good time was had by all. We aim to do something social each quarter for our members and for the wider community. The Rec Last year we submitted an Expression of Interest for funds towards some adult exercise equipment. We believe LBH is receptive to this idea. To follow this up, Alan and I met with LBH Parks Division concerning the Rec in general, with the aim to develop a long-term plan to improve it, subject to securing funds. We will shortly launch a survey to ask for your views on the Rec. We will also engage with other stakeholders such as the GPG and the Strand School. 2. Membership Report (Chris Hodgkinson) 
At the peak of the last financial year we had around 195 members.  At the beginning of this financial year we have 182 members, a reduction of 13.  

This is no doubt caused in part by the current financial situation, that there is a constant turnover of residents and that we haven't undertaken a membership drive via a Mail Drop for a while. 
We would urge all members who see new residents arrive to suggest to them after they have settled in, that they might wish to join the Residents’ Association. Failing that approach, please suggest to any Committee member that there are new residents at ... and a Committee member will drop off a form.

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