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SoGA Constitution

(Adopted at the AGM on 24 November 1980; last amended at the AGM on 10 December 2009)



The name of the Association shall be: STRAND ON THE GREEN ASSOCIATION.



The Association has been formed with the object of protecting Strand on the Green and its unique character and community.



To achieve this object the Association will:

a. Seek early information of proposed changes on or near Strand on the Green;

b. Co-operate in all possible ways with any effort for the improvement or conservation of the Strand and its neighbourhood;

c. Examine any changes which appear inimical to the common interest and either oppose them or seek their modification;

d. Invoke the support of the public for such activities, believing that the continued well-being of this historic and beautiful place is for the common good and the enjoyment of all;

e. Preserve records of matters of interest concerning Strand on the Green, whether topographical, architectural, personal or historical; and

f. Arrange, from time to time, social functions.



Membership shall be open to all residents of Strand on the Green and to all who are interested in furthering the aims of the Association. Membership shall lapse if the subscription is unpaid for six months after it is due.



The annual subscription fee payable on 1st January shall be whatever reasonable sum the Executive Committee shall determine from time to time. There shall be one subscription fee for each household and up to two members are allowed to vote for each subscription. If more than two residents in any household wish to be members and vote at Association meetings, then this must be covered by further subscriptions.



An Annual General Meeting shall be held to receive the Committee’s Report and Accounts, and to elect officers and members of the Committee. No proxy votes are allowed at meetings of the Association. The Executive Committee shall decide when any other meetings of the Association shall be held. A meeting must be called by the Executive Committee if ten members so require.



The officers of the Association may consist of a President, and shall consist of a Chairman of the Executive Committee, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer and an Honorary Archivist. The officers, other than the President, shall relinquish their office every year and shall be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.



The Executive Committee shall consist of not more than eight members, including the Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Archivist, and this Executive Committee shall direct the activities of the Association. The President may attend meeting of the Executive Committee but may not vote at such meetings. A quorum shall consist of three members of the Committee. The Executive Committee can co-opt a member or members of the Association on to the Committee. In the event of the Committee wishing to oppose or modify a planning application by a member, the Committee will consult with the member and subsequently send him copies of correspondence dealing with the application sent to the authorities.



The Members of the Committee shall relinquish their office every year and shall be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.



In the event of the winding-up of the Association, the disposal of funds shall be decided by a majority vote at a meetings of members.




Planning Policy Guidelines

(adopted at Annual General Meeting on 12 November 1997 with amendments following AGMs on 14 November 2002 and 9 January 2018)


Basic Principles


1. Conservation of the character of the Strand on the Green Conservation Area, recognising that it is principally residential in nature, with an important leisure component and historical roots in riverside light industrial activity.

2. To seek to improve the environment of Strand on the Green for residents and visitors in terms of noise, parks and gardens, traffic etc.

3. Within the needs of conservation, respect the right of house-owners to adapt, maintain and improve their homes.

4. Not to act as arbiter between neighbours unless principles 1 or 2 are at stake.


Specific Policy


By general practice over many years the Association has established the following specific policies which are consistent with the basic principles above. These are to:


(a) Pursue a no-compromise stance on major issues that affect the Strand's conservation - notably the integrity of the river wall, flood protection, existing views from and of the Strand;

(b) Resist inappropriate materials on the river frontage and changes to street furniture (such as street lamps);

(c) Resist major change to building heights or the building line on the riverside;

(d) Support tree re-planting where this is consistent with river wall stability and reasonable from the point of view of riparian owners;

(e) Support traffic calming measures in Thames Road;

(f) Resist all development on the Richmond side of the river that would be visibly obtrusive or inappropriate from the Strand;

(g) Fight noise pollution from the railway bridge and expansion of Heathrow's operating times and frequency;

(h) Fight expansion of the major road systems that would impact on the Strand;

(i) Defend local amenities, e.g. the allotments and the Post Office;

(j) Adopt a live and a let live policy to existing pubs and restaurants that were previously pubs but to resist all new pub/restaurant projects and to resist later hours (which are inconsistent with the primarily residential nature of the Strand and the need for security);

(k) Take a conservation approach to river water issues; and

(l) Attend to the annoying details: resist satellite dishes, promote satisfactory litter management (e.g. the Spring clean) etc.

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